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Women's Online Bible Studies
"God's Mercy is New Every Morning"

Everyday we pass by people on the streets, on our jobs and sitting across from us at the lunch table. We never think about what they might be going through.  

Can you image walking one day in another persons shoes. I mean really exchanging lives with the lady sitting next you; Her family for your family, her problems for your problems, her worries for your worries. Would it really be any better or worst?

You would still have some bitter and some sweet days, some ups and downs, some good days and bad days, some broke days and some days where you may have a little extra cash.   

This study will help us see that in all things God is in control and his mercy in everlasting. The only different in your life and any other person is simply the way we view life and our life in Christ.   

When we look back over our lives, surely we see some things would like to change, some mistakes that we wish that we could undo, but for the most part we would have made the same choices again, why? Because these decision have made us who we are today and they have helped us to know our saviour. 

If he was to count sin no one would be saved and therefore we praise God for his mercy and grace everyday.  
Have you ever thought about what you would do without the mercy of God.  We would be LOST, With no HOPE!

It is because of God's mercy and his love for us that he sent Christ Jesus to die on the cross. and then left his Word; which is True and Faithful, in a Book to guide us through this dark world.  It is because of his mercy that we are not consumed.  

So the next time that you past by someone on the street, remember that that was the mercy of God that just walked by.  Amen
"Stop and Listen, God's got a plan"
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This is an Online Bible Study for Women, taught by First Lady Chenise Frith.

Duration:  Quarterly
Bible: King James Version
Text: Book of Ruth (chapter 1-??)
References: Dictionary and Concordance

Topic:  "Stop and Listen, because God's got a plan"

So often we go through our day without prayer and without thought of what God wants us to achieve throughout our day. 

We get up in the morning and go through our normal prep work in the mirror, pick up our hat and coat and head out the door; without any idea of what God want us to do today.  

Sure, we know how many files are on our desks, we know what time we suppose to be at our next meeting and we know when we are suppose to pick the children up from school and mail the bills, but what is God's plan for today. 

We say, God I just want to do your will, but what is his will, for that day.

During this bible study series we will discuss how to identify God's plan for our daily lives as we walk with Ruth and Naomai.

For open discussion please visit the discussion board on this site.  If you have a specific question for the teacher please send and email to pastorcurtisfrith@yahoo.com

"Blessings and honor, dominion and power be unto our God, amen, amen"

"Raising children that fear God and know wisdom"


So many times we as parents have a desire to bless our children even when we know that they have not done all that we have asked of them.   Although we may get sick and tired of saying the same things over and over again, “clean your room, wash the dishes, do your homework, empty the trash, and cut the grass”, our children become overwhelmed with all the instructions and feel as though there is too much to do and too many rules. 

……..asking within themselves “when will I be able to grow up”. 

But can you imagine  what would happen if God would allow us to live our lives without guidelines or rules or instructions.    Where would we be?

Proverbs 29:15
The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.

God created parents to stand as representations of his authority (in the home), particularly in the eyes of our children….”ye are gods”, representation and equivalent to the creator in the eyes of our children. 

We feed them, cloth them, shelter them and protect them, heal their wounds and broken hearts. We make it appear as though their very existence is up to us. 

“ I brought you into this world, and I can take you out”

We work and labor to accumulate substance to leave to our descendants after our death, so they can live a free and comfortable life in our absence.  But the bible asks a question;  who will know whether they will be wise or foolish with the substances of our labor. 

Ecclesiastes 4:13:  Better is a poor and wise child than a foolish and old king that will no longer be admonished.   We must teach our Children wisdom so that they will live lives that are both self fulfilling to them and also pleasing to God, whether they be rich or poor.

What is Wisdom; Wisdom gives life to them that have money, but not righteousness.  Wisdom is good with and heritance.  Wisdom allows us to know our end. 

It is not a wise thing to give our children too much of anything, because they will become lazy and lose ambitious.  A child with no desires is a most miserable child.  Having too much will destroy the spirit and their creativity.

Ecclesiastes 7:16 Be not righteous over much neither make thyself wise over much; why should thy  destroy thy self.

If the child doesn’t get everything they want, he or she will not die. They must be taught that the greatest gift in life is wisdom and wisdom come with age, time and lessons learned through experience and their walk with God.

We can’t protect them from everything; their safety is under the counsel of God.  Therefore, we must train our children to seek the counsel of the Lord in all that they do, beginning at the early stages of learning, establishing a pattern of good works and wisdom. 

 Pray for our Children Amen!

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