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Straight Gate Apostolic Church

101 Donald Ross Dr
Raleigh, North Carolina  27610


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Philosophy of Ministry
With Love and kindness have I drawn them"

The Philosophy  and Purpose of the Straight Gate Apostolic Ministry is to establish a holy church called by the name of God. It is to establish fellowship within the body of Christ; doing away with the lines of denomination, for the purpose of the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is to provide a place of refuge for the true children of God.

“Love is a power not an Emotion”
Pastor Curtis Frith

Philosophy of belief:

  • We believe that there is but ONE Lord, ONE Faith and ONE Baptism, in the name of Jesus Christ. 
  • We Believe in the infilling of the Holy (Ghost)Spirit, and Speaking with Tongues. 
  • We believe that Jesus is God manifested in flesh. 
  • We believe in casting out devils in the name of Jesus Christ. 
  • We believe that all unrightousness is Sin and that no Sin shall enter into the Kingdom of God. 
  • We believe that Jesus died and paid the price for the Sins of the World so that we might have  life, and live with him eternally. 
  • We believe that salvation is now available to all because Jesus Christ died and rose from the grave, conquering death and the grave. 
  • We believe that you must be born again in his name, (the name of Jesus Christ) for the remission of Sin in order to recieve his salvation. 
  • We believe that if we love God/Jesus, then we will keep his commandments and live a life that will be a true example of that love. 
  • We believe that we should walk in love and be at peace with all men and show forth the love of Jesus Christ everyday both in words and in deeds. 
  • We believe that the Holy Bible is the true Word of God, and everything else is a lie.
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