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Meet the First Lady
Praise the Lord,

My name is Chenise Frith and I want to thank you for visiting our website today. 

Here at Straight Gate Apostolic Church, we believe in following God's plan, because we know that any other plan is the same as having no plan at all, and the end results are the same, even with all the good intentions in this world.

I have realized throughout my walk with Christ that everyday I must make a decision to live for God.  It is a choice that I have made conciously and without regret, for the past 20 years.  But I know that it is difficult to live a life for God, if you don't know what he wants.  But Jesus in his wisdom, left us a plan and a road map, the BIBLE and it will lead us from earth to heaven, if we follow his plan. 

That is why I am inviting you to come and worship with us, and learn of the Good News of Jesus Christ; that he loves you and he died just for you!

                        Philosophoy for life: "what you measure out will be meaured back to you"
  • Born and raised in Knightdale, NC
  • Wife and Mother
  • NC State Employee, 20yrs
  • BA, Criminal Justice
  • BA, Psychology
  • Called by God to counsel, teach, and work in help ministries.
History of fellowships and ministry associations; Saint James Apostolic Church, Jesus Christ Apostolic Church, and Community Tabernacle Apostolic Church.


Let me tell my story!

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